Case Ranch Inn Bed & Breakfast in the Sonoma Wine Country town of Forestville CA
PH: 707-887-8711 
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Case Ranch Inn Bed & Breakfast Policies
covid 19 safe practices & policies  


· Each of our employees have received instruction in cleaning procedures, to include the disinfecting of all common touch areas such as counters, doors, floors, lamps, light switches, tables, chairs, and couches, for example.

· You are welcome to enjoy our outdoor facilities. Our practices include cleaning of railings, deck chairs, all common touch surfaces.

· Each of our employees wears a mask and gloves, where needed.

· At all times, we practice social distancing, maintaining 6-feet apart from all others.

· During check in you will receive any special instructions to maximize your comfort and safety during your stay with us.


· Each of our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival.

· Each room stands vacant for 24 hours between guests.

· Once your room is cleaned and prepared for you, no one enters the room prior to your arrival.

· We do not provide cleaning or food services during your stay.


· We request that guests wear a mask when in close quarters with other guests and our staff.

· If while you are at the inn, you become unwell, we request that you notify us and make arrangements to return home.

· We ask all guests to practice social distancing during check in, while enjoying our property, and when interacting with other guests as well as our staff.

About  |   Rooms  |  Cottage  |  |  Policies  |  Group Use  |  Specials  |  Activities  |  Location